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Some of our products

  • Project management of complex( international) projects focus on the connection between human factors and project success( see video on this website)
  • Coaching of projectmanagers and project teams in their struggle  to get to  results
  • Training in projectmanagement  of teams
  • Benchmarking corporate academies
  • HRM products: FIT TILL THE FINISH; Focus on: how to use the benefits of the elderly employees for the company?
  • Workplace learning /knowledge management
  • Strategic marketing: from vision,mission to a brand.
  • Building up strong relationships with customers and potential customers by means of a 9 step Network marketing approach:the art of being there
  • The running region: focus on the development of a region where partners from education, business and the local community work together to solve complex issues  (unemployment, skills development, unsafety etc.,)

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